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4.00" Polished Alum. Roots Blower Spacer Assm. W/Burst Panel 6/71-16/71

For the racer or street rodder that is looking to take the look of there blown engine to the next level RBS is proud to bring this heat treated polished cast alum. blower spacer to the table.

Simple to bolt on and with the exception of needing a longer blower belt or different size blower pulleys it can be installed in an afternoon. The spacer is blanchard ground so it is flat and parallel and will fit all roots blower manifolds with an 12.00" x 3.875" opening.

Spacer assm. includes eight correct length alum. blower studs, burst panel frame, burst panel and two durable blower base gaskets. The spacer is show polished and the sides have some cool ball end mill work to give the spacer some definition down the sides. The burst panel frame is polished with the spacer so the fit is very clean and includes stainless mounting hardware for the frame.

Spacer weights twenty seven pounds. There is some extra material in the spacer if the buyer chooses to open up the spacer to match different bottom blower openings.