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SOLD 8.00" Blower Snout Alum. Assm. RCD

Part No.: 
1400-0010R    8.00" Blower Snout
1400-0053    8.00" Drive Shaft
1400-0048    8.00" Snout Coupler
1400-0051    1.250" Coupler Sleeve
1400-0051    1.500" Coupler Sleeve
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8.00" ball bearing blower snout assembly. Shaft is made from heat treated steel and is 1.250" dia. Snout housing is billet alum. and is O-ringed to insure proper seal. Snout comes in machined alum. finish. This snout is the industry standard for setting your blower back in a race application.

It has heavy duty ball bearings as well as a Buna rubber seal to insure performance and stability on the front of your supercharger. The nose of this snout is also machined to accept a belt guard or starter bracket and also RBS can help with a blower snout support.

The coupler and drive shaft is sold separate as there are many different applications and superchargers to apply this blower snout.

Please email or call and the qualified staff at RBS will help you choose a coupler. Snout weights seven pounds as seen in the picture.

For a complete blower snout assm. buyer must buy a snout, driveshaft, coupler and coupler register adapter to make a complete blower snout assm.