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Air Retard/Advance Timing Assm.

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FIE has shown up to the party with a mechanism to advance/retard magneto timing that will mount on any lower drive, offset drive, front mount, etc. This is the ticket for point-style magnetos or even electronic mags.

This Co2 powered mechanism mounts between a band clamp-style magneto and lower drive. The mag glides on bearings to a preset amount at a pre-determined time and rate. The mechanism can advance or retard ignition timing up to a maximum of 44 crankshaft degrees between stops. We think that oughta be enough for anybody.

For folks using the MSD Promags, this entire setup is considerably less expensive than even the most basic “six-shooter” (8158) and timing retard (8168) setup, And it’s a reliable manual method, not electronic. What you see is what you get! Unlike the electronic method, the rotor phasing will remain optimal at all times. Plus, you aren’t limited to only 15 degrees of timing change with our mechanism.

Mounting: Band clamp style MSD or Mallory magnetos. Adapters for Vertex mags available.

Activation: Electric over air (12VDC) or Pneumatic (air over air).

Actuation: Pneumatic (CO2) CO2 pressure: 85 PSI minimum recommended.

Travel: Up to 44 crankshaft degrees.

Rate: Separate forward and reverse rate adjustment.

Port sizes: All solenoid valve and cylinder ports are 1/8”NPT female.

Height: The magneto mounts 1.40” higher than the stock location.

Driver: (A) Standard Cross, (B) RCD Rotex (4 prong) and (C) RCD Lovejoy (3 prong) drive couplers available. Cross adapters for the Mallory lower drive are available.

Also included: quick-release stainless steel band clamp, solenoid control valve and harness, rate control valves, pneumatic cylinder, attachments for one support brace (there are provisions for two on the mech), an extended mag driver of your choice and attaching hardware.

NEW Activation option: Some organizations (ex. IHRA Funny Car) prohibit activation by electric means. FIE has added a pneumatic activation option that can be selected from the drop down menu. An air button (not included) can be used to activate the unit in situations where electric is illegal or no 12VDC source exists on the vehicle. The price is the same.

PDF Download: Instructions and Example Schematic
YouTube Video of the FIE Mag mech in action.
Application Ideas:
1.Traction control off the starting line (see included schematic) by starting out retarded and add timing after the first 1-2 seconds using a throttle pedal switch. Variation: Use a steering wheel push button to remove the added timing at the top end.

2. A top end timing retard activated by a high gear shift switch, RPM activated switch, timer or controller.

3.Subtract timing as boost increases using a pressure switch to set a threshold for activation.

4.Use as a “start retard” for easier starting when extreme amounts of timing are used. Timing is added once motor is started.

Racer can choose options from the drop down menu.