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BAE Fathead Mag Blower Manifold Light

Part No.:  1100-0067M
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Fathead light mag. blower manifold. This blower manifold is made of cast magnesium and can fit short, standard deck and .100" tall Fathead applications. It is machined for a sfi burst panel provision and has three port nozzle holes per cylinder. The blower mounting surface is machined for a set back roots or PSI screw blower but with the full rails down the side can be drilled for almost any blower combination. The manifold weights 28 pounds. Ports are finished and ready to race. Manifold includes stud and nut kit to mount to the cylinder heads, oil fill plug and a manifold foam channel kit. Please specify when ordering deck height of block, cylinder head type, and type of blower being used with intake. This manifold is known as the light manifold which means it has had every ounce shaved off it to make it light as possible. The manifold is to thin to o-ring on the blower mounting surface so that is not an option.