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Burst Panel Frame Assm. Quick Change

Part No.:  2000-0014A
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One of the most time consuming, tedious pain in the butt things to do on your hot rod between round maintenance has to be changing burst panels. Twenty four little bolts and messy silicone......... Fear no more friends, RBS is proud to bring the racers this new innovative Quick Change Burst Panel assm.

This burst panel assembly is a two plate system that increases time efficiency in the pits, while still maintaining the overall strength, integrity and function of the burst panel. This is achieved through the fabrication of hardened pinned nut-serts in the base plate, pressed in steel washer sleeves in the front plate, machine tapered tongue and groove connection of the two plates, and the addition of O-ring to eliminate the need of silicone. Bam your done!!! Seriously four 5/16" bolts and you can install a new frame loaded with a panel or take the frame into the trailer work bench where it is easier to work on.

All twenty four bolt frame and diverters will fit this Quick Change frame assm. Racer must have 1.00" of side clearance of any water port or manifold material from center of 10/24" bolt hole on the sides to clear the 5/16" bolt flanges.

Assm. weights one and half pounds as pictured and is 1.00" thick. Included is a inner and outer frame, O-ring material and twenty four 10/24" mounting bolts. Burst panels are sold separate and shown for picture purposes only.
Simple instructions: Step 1.) Use your existing bolts to attach the base plate to your manifold. (Take notice of the bolt head recess in the base plate.)

Step 2.) Use the supplied 10-24 bolts to attach your existing frame and burst panel to the front plate with the machined “S” (Make sure the 10-24 bolts do not protrude too far out of the back of the front plate to prevent interference of the front plate sealing to the base plate that is affixed to the manifold.)

Step 3.) Insert the (4) 5/16 bolts and attach the front plate to the base plate.