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Crane Ultra Pro Mechanical Roller Lifters

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Crane Ultra Pro mechanical roller lifters are without a doubt some of the best roller lifters available today. They are engineered to operate flawlessly in ultra-high spring pressure environments, and designed for use with the most radical camshaft profiles.

Lifter bodies are FEA-engineered to provide an optimum balance of superior strength at minimum weight. Crane's race-proven Bearing-Focused oil system features small channels in the lifter body to lubricate the needle bearings. The roller wheel/bearing/axle combinations are optimized per lifter diameter, .904" diameter lifter has a .815" diameter wheel.

Features include:

* Heat-treated 8620 alloy steel body

* Exclusive 4-column design to improve torsional rigidity

* Lower reciprocating weight to increase rpm potential

* Maximized lifter bore contact surfaces for less wear

* Reinforced pushrod seat

* Aircraft-style Monel steel pin provides superior clamping forces

* Micro-polished roller wheel Fits Hemi standard to 0.200" spread lifter bore with 0.200" tall pushrod seat.

For BAE, TFX, and KB engine blocks. Each lifter set includes sixteen lifters and eight tie bars.

Racer can pick lifter size from drop down menu.