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Crank Mounted Starter Drive Blown TFX Hemi

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TFX Hemi blown crank mount starter bracket assm. This bracket assm. allows you to mount the crank mount starter on board. The bracket is made from billet alum. and uses struts to attach to the engine block with billet alum. standoffs spacing out the starter face plate giving the starter perfect concentricity to the crankshaft for a quick and easy start. Includes mounting hardware for the block, heat treated engine starter jaw, and jaw spacer. This is perfect for blown and injected motors where self starting is necessary and where weight savings are a must. Fits Rodeck TFX '92 or '96 and current TFX engine blocks. Specify dampner or crankhub when ordering. RBS can set up starter bracket to be used with crank trigger ignition systems. Bracket is made by RCD. How to tell if it's a 6" or 7" measure where the starter bolts up on the front plate. It will either be a 6" or 7".