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Fat/Muscle Hemi Head Blower Manifold Alum.

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If you are thinking about building a race motor with Hemi Fat/Muscle cylinder heads this is one of the finest blower manifolds on the market with versatility that allows for many different applications. One of the great innovations of this blower manifold is that it has a " Ventilator" valley cover that helps keep the engine heat in the valley cover and not in the blower plenum area heating up the air charge taking away from making the most power that your engine can produce.

Blower manifold accepts a 6-71 thru 18-71 roots or PSI screw supercharger and fits all AJPE, BAE, Noonan, Total Flow Hemi Fat/Muscle heads with the ten bolt configuration. The manifold is 5.625" tall, has a radiused floor for better fuel distribution and features three 1/8" port nozzle provisions per cylinder to be used with nitro or doing alch. with port and dribbler fuel systems as well. Manifold is machined for an SFI burst panel in the front so use on a dragster or funny car is no issue. Ports measure 2.250" x 2.125" and plenum opening in the top of the blower manifold is 13.375" x 4.250" with plenty material left for racers to open up and mount lots of different supercharger applications. Manifold is drilled with two supercharger mount patterns 2.250" apart so racers can mount blowers using short or long snouts.

RBS carries a full stock of blower studs, gaskets and burst panels if the racer needs. Please specify deck height of block when ordering from drop down menu. Manifold weights thirty six pounds as seen in the pictures and is made from heat treated cast alum.