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Fuel Drum Buddy Non-Sparking Wrench

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Little things at the track or in the shop can make or break the day. Blood blisters from channel locks slipping, big heavy wrenches that are built for working on tractors, danger of sparks around fuel containers............ wait lets stop right there!

Fear not friends RBS is offering the new "Fuel Drum Buddy" wrench. A simple alum. wrench that can be hand held with comfortable finger grips machined into it or for that little extra umph a .500" ratchet provision. Racer can choose Fuel Drum Buddy in what we call a male version which is picture number one or female which is picture number three. If unsure get both and pick combo on the drop down menu and save some cash!!!!!

Drum Buddy is made from alum. so the fear of creating sparks around the fuel jugs is gone. Fuel Drum Buddy should fit most all industry standard fuel drums.

Racer can pick style from drop down menu.