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OUT OF STOCK Nylatron Tip Strip Installer

Any racer that maintains their own supercharger knows the worst part of it can be pulling the nylatron into the rotors. Swear words, talking to the rotor nicely, cut fingers it is all in the past with this new innovative tool that PSI has come up with to install the nylatron into the rotors with. Simply start the strip into the groove and set the installer down on top of the strip and take a hammer and give the beveled surface on the installer tool some taps and you will be driving the strip in the rotor as twenty teeth dig into the strip but not the rotor as the teeth are below the skid pads on each side of the teeth. Tool is made from billet heat treated steel that is tig welded together and black oxide dipped for a nice finish. Your hands and people that normally leave the room when they see the black strips come out will love this tool. Works with roots or screw blowers.