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OUT OF STOCK PSI C Rotor Screw Blower Assm.

PSI C rotor screw blower assm. This is the godfather of screw superchargers and will provide the most boost for any racing engine. This blower uses rotary screw compressor technology which means nothing inside touches making very cool air and taking very little horsepower to spin. Also one of the best features of this supercharger is it requires virtually no maintenance as it uses billet rotors with nylatron to help seal the tips of the rotors to the case with ultra precision bearings to allow twenty thousand plus rpm rotor speed. There are many features to this blower such as a cast magnesium case that has been hard coated to protect against corrosion and give longevity to the cases bore and drilled for fuel nozzles, billet front cover to help with snout support and blower belt life and added case bolts to help seal up the blower to provide more boost. This blower is designed to use a PSI, JBR, CG, or Bohr injector. This blower also has a provision for a sfi burst panel in the rear of the case. RBS stocks a full line of quill shafts, blower snouts, blower studs, manifolds plates and blower restraints to work with the PSI supercharger. Shipping crate and mylar sfi tag are additional when purchasing this supercharger. C rotor PSI blowers produce 476 cubic inches of air per revolution.