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Olson Billet Rail SBC Wet/Dry Sump Oil Pan

Part No.:  2600-0035A
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RBS has found this to be the nicest billet rail SBC oil pans on the market for your racing needs. Olson pans have been setting records for years and providing people with top quality pans that don't leak.

The main rail is .250" thick billet so it does not bend and the entire pan is tig welded .090" alum. to provide superior strength with added skid protection welded in front and rear on all pans to provide superior protection.

This pan is available for wet sump, dry sump, and there are many available options. When ordering please specify crank stroke, block starter provision, if dry sump how many scavenge returns and if in a V-drive boat prop shaft clearance.

Pans can be had for all standard SBC's as well as wide pan rail SBC engine blocks. Included is a dzus windage tray to help keep oil off the spinning crankshaft.

Please specify the above when ordering and the oil pick up is included in the price.