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SBC 8-71 2 Grv Polished Front Offset

Part No.:  1050-0003
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RBS believes in giving there customer the most for there money and with these supercharger kits you will appreciate the quality workmanship and benefits that most other kits can't offer. Let's start with the blower it is a 8-71 set up for gas that has three lobe rotors that deliver maximum efficiency and won't give you the pulsing that a two lobe design will and it uses billet aluminum bearing plates and front cover that doesn't have the porosity of cast parts so the finish and polish are perfect. The unique part about this blower is the added length has been put to the front off the case so you can still run a stock location distributor. The blower manifold is show polished and includes a backfire valve, gaskets, and a stud kit to mount the supercharger. The drive has been set up so it bolts on right out of the box without any modifications and includes the necessary hardware. Included in the drive are all billet aluminum parts including 8mm pulleys, polished idler pulley, polished blower snout that has a 1.250 heat treated steel shaft and coupler,2 groove v-pulley and a dual carb. adpt. Also included are all gaskets, gold cad plated bolts and detailed instructions. Fits 283, 327, 350, 383, 400 and many aftermarket sbc engines.