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SOLD TBS Polished Gas Blower 6-71 Small Bore

TBS 6-71 polished alum. small bore gas blower. This blower has sixty degree cast GM small bore rotors that ride in precision ball bearings with helical steel GM gears to insure accurate rotor timing and work well for engines that are under 450 cubic inches.

Blower uses double lipped rotor shaft seals with billet alum. bearing plates, a billet front gear cover for maximum strength and gives the supercharger a superior polish. This blower case is cast alum. GM with the cross ribs machined out on the top of the case for more airflow into the blower and one of the best polish jobs on the market.

Blower includes a pressure relief valve as well as a oil sight glass. A single or dual 4150 carb. adpt. can bolt to the top of the blower.

This same type blower was run on a SBC in a dyno test and at 12 percent under drive made 670 horsepower, simple pulley swap and blower was spun at 7 percent overdrive and power soared to 755 at 7500 rpm.

Blower puts out 336 cubic inch's or air per revolution of the supercharger. Large bore 6-71 puts out 411 cubic inch's of air per revolution.