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SOLD Used Hemi Set Back Std. Deck Blower Manifold AJPE

For the racer that is wanting to run a set back blower combination with fuel heads here is one of the key components to make it happen. Cast magnesium standard deck height Hemi AJPE set back blower manifold allows the racer to set back most roots blowers and use a 11.50" to 12.00" blower snout assm. Setting the blower back and having the discharge dump in the center of the manifold evens up the engine and allows it make equal power per cylinder.
Manifold is in good shape and ready to make some blasts down the track. Check out the features, dual burst panel provisions are on the front of the intake as well as an oil fill hole, front of intake is drilled and tapped 1/8" pipe which can be plugged and there are three 1/8" pipe port nozzle provisions per cylinder. Intake port measures 2.330" x 2.300" and intake uses industry standard six bolt mounting. Intake is 5.500" tall from deck surface to blower mounting surface and manifold surface is O-ringed to seal the blower to the intake with no gaskets. End of intake has foam retainers installed which is good if the motor burns a piston and pressure becomes an issue it will not allow the foam to push out spreading hot oil on the headers or worst yet under the rear wheels.
Intake has had some small strips of plastic glued to keep the manifold nuts from falling down where they can't be reached if they slip from your fingers which can be removed of the new owner does not like them. Intake runners has some epoxy on the runners which can be seen in the pictures, big show top fuel teams were pressure testing the castings and this was the fix. Blower has two blower mounting holes drilled 1.125" apart to get different blower set-backs. Blower mount threads are 7/16-14".