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SSI 6-71 F-3 Std. Helix Alum. Blower

Part No.:  1200-0070
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6-71 SSI std. helix with F-3 rotors. This supercharger uses billet inset bearing plates and front cover to insure maximum stability and strength with the benefit of no dowel pins to locate the bearing plates to maintain consistency between rebuilds. This supercharger is designed for all out race applications and will provide maximum boost to your engine with the rotors set back in the case to use the benefit of the front loading bearing plate allowing a more efficient way for the air to come into the supercharger. The case is anodized aluminum and the rotors are 60 degree billet standard helix rotors with teflon and nylatron strips to seal the rotors to the case as well as to one another with nylon plugs installed into the rotor ends to provide more boost. The case is machined to use an o-ring where the injector mates and all bearing plates are machined to use an o-ring for a superior seal. The blower is drilled six spots in the rear for fuel with the top opening measuring 9.500 inch to provide maximum boost in low overdrive applications but can be changed to a bigger opening if high overdrive rules are allowed. This blower can be moved back on the blower manifold or run in the stock location. Blower is shown pictured with the blower snout but snouts are sold separate at the time of the blower purchase due to different applications per supercharger.