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Upper MSD Single Magneto Support

Part No.:  2500-0020F
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RBS is proud to bring the racers one of the most versatile single mag supports on the market. It allows the racer to support the top of there heavy generator and help keep it from moving under the dreaded tire shake. It clamps around the top of the generator and can run down to the motor plate on a Hemi or a BBC using a front mag drive. With the adjustable link bar you can set tension so there is no sloppiness in your support.

The clamp and rod is made from billet alum. to keep the support light and uses 5/16" heim rod ends for superior strength with all grade 8 fasteners. The rod is drilled and tapped on the left hand thread end but it is up to the racer to drill the right hand thread once the length of the rod has been chosen.

Fits all MSD 12, 20, and 44 generator bodies. The support rod is 12.00" long, with heim ends the racer can get up to 14.00" .