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Used AJPE Muscle/ Fat Head Billet Blower Manifold

Used AJPE Muscle/Fat head billet alum. standard deck blower manifold . This blower manifold is made from a solid chunk of alum. with a bolt on valley cover and can fit standard deck TFX/BAE Hemi engine blocks with Muscle/Fat head applications.
It is machined for two SFI mini burst panels, which are included with mini burst panel diverters and has three 1/8" port nozzle holes per cylinder. The blower mounting surface is machined for dumping the air right over the center four cylinders and mounts the supercharger to the manifold using a set back plate.
Included is a .500" set back plate that sets a roots supercharger back 6.00" from the stock location. The manifold weights forty six pounds as seen in the pictures with the set back plate.
Ports are 2.250" x 2.250" and ready to race. Included is a -16 oil fill plug and RBS carries manifold to cylinder head stud and nuts, blower stud kits as well as all burst panel components. The manifold is O-ringed on the blower mounting surface as well as the set back plate so no gaskets are needed.
This manifold is in great shape and will look great on top of the engine in the winners circle. Manifold is 6.00" tall from deck surface to blower mounting surface including the set back plate.

To check if the set back plate will work for your application here is the easiest way to check. Flip your blower over and on e the second pair of studs holes from the front lay a straight edge across those. Then measure from that line forward. This plate measures from center of second set of holes to edge of front opening 5.50", to center of O-ring groove 6.00" so if those match up to your blower you are in business. RBS set the plate on a SSI and it matches perfect and on a Littlefield the front of the plate would have to be opened up a little further but there is plenty of material for that application.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.