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Used Big Chief 14/18 Degree Sheetmetal Blower Manifold 10.60"

For the person building a 10.60" deck Big Chief headed engine today is your lucky day. Customer built this intake to be used with 14 or 18 degree cylinder heads, running a PSI screw blower with EFI injection. Engine combination went another direction and intake was traded in. This intake would be over $3500.00 new so if this can be used for your project grab it before it is gone.

This intake fits Big Chief 14 or 18 degree cylinder heads with a 10.60" engine block. Top blower mount plate is made from 1.00" billet alum. and cylinder head plates are .500" billet to help give the intake strength and rigidity. Gussets are added front and rear for more strength and all the welds look like real nice tig buy a very competent fabricator. Port runners are CNC machined billet alum. and start out 3.00" at the top and funnel down to speed up the air as it enters the cylinder head. Intake is drilled and tapped 1/2" NPT for water front and rear but has no distributor provision. Ports are spread and measure 2.50" x 1.875".

Manifold is set up for EFI injection with two nozzle provisions per port. Nozzle provision in the manifold measures .650" in diameter, .540" dia. in the fuel rail and intake includes two polished alum. fuel rails that are drilled and tapped -10AN on each end to plumb fuel lines into.

Plenum has been drilled and tapped in the front for two 1/8" pipe provisions and in the rear with four 1/8" pipe provisions with one 1/4" NPT port as well. These can be plugged or racer can plug in different sensors as needed.

Manifold is anodized on all internal surfaces and black powder coated on external surfaces. Manifold is 7.750" tall from deck surface to blower mounting surface.

Intake is set up for a PSI screw blower and the plenum opening is 16.00" x 9.00" which has also been machined for an O-ring to provide a superior seal between the blower and blower manifold. If buyer is going to try to run a roots blower on this manifold a plate will have to be built too close the top opening down so the roots blower can seal. Manifold looks to have had no repairs or damage and is in nice shape. Weight is thirty seven pounds as seen in the pictures.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.