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Used Hemi Center Flange Threaded Titanium Bearing Support Crank Hub RCD

Used RCD dual .250" keyed center flange Hemi bearing support crank hub. Made from billet heat treated titanium this hub has dual .250" keyways and is made to work with 6-71 thru 18-71 roots and screw superchargers.

This hub is for all Hemi engines including 426, 440, KB, BAE, TFX, CN and many more. Hub measures from pulley mounting surface to crank gear 2.70" and works with Bryant and Winberg crankshafts with the dual .250" keys.

Racer must use a center flange bottom blower pulley with this type of crank hub. Bearing race is included and inside bore of the hub is in good shape.

Hub is designed to be used with 3/4" crank bolt

Uses a large pulley retaining nut to hold the blower pulley onto the blower hub and allows crew chiefs to make quick last minute overdrive changes and stops pulley bolt breakage which can be the difference of winning the race or not.

Buyer can purchase a pulley retaining nut at time of purchase if needed but it is not included with hub.