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SOLD Used Mooneyham BBC 9.80" Deck Blower Manifold

Used polished Mooneyham 9.80" deck BBC competition blower manifold. This blower intake has lived a hard life and for the right person it will be a great deal for their project but make sure to read the description and study the pictures as we want to be clear with the issues to the person that buys this blower manifold.

First we will go over the bad, intake mounting holes are slotted, for some strange reason someone tried to drill another set of port holes thru what looks like was a set of plugs maybe someone couldn't get out and the job that was done is not very nice.
Port nozzles will be able to be installed or plugged choice is up to the racer. Number eight port has a small crack between the plug and the intake rail. Most likely would never leak but if someone put a dab of weld and cleaned it up you are good to go.
Manifold plenum is 14.00" x 4.250" and machined for an O-ring but who ever did it got a little crooked.

So that was the bad now for the good. All machined surfaces are in nice shape and the ports are virgin. Ports measure 2.50" x 1.625" and front of plenum is drilled 1/8" pipe for a boost gauge. Manifold has a tented floor for better fuel distribution, drilled for water 3/8" NPT in the front and rear of the manifold. Polish is not in bad shape so with a little effort she will shine bright again.

Manifold is 4.125" from deck surface to blower mounting surface. If using a 6 or 8-71 blower on this intake most likely the plenum opening will be to large so make sure and measure the bottom of the blower to see if it will work with this blower intake.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.