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SOLD Used PSI Funny Car Mag Injector Assm. W/Lip

Used PSI large port funny car injector assm. with lip and Taylor injector hat restraint. Injector is made of cast magnesium and is very lightweight. It is O-ringed on the bottom giving the injector a superior seal to the top of the blower restraint. With this design of a hat it creates the most efficient way for air to enter into the supercharger allowing for the most boost out of a blower.

The injector assm. includes a injector housing, throttle shaft, and butterflies. RBS stocks all the rest of the parts to make the injector complete if the customer wishes. The injector weights ten and half pounds and is 5.00" tall. Injector uses industry standard barrel valve and throttle cable mounts. This injector is great for a funny car or pro mod.

Also included is a billet alum. PSI large port funny car injector lip that is the perfect match to go with the PSI large port funny car injector. It is very lightweight and is anodized for corrosion protection. With this lip on the front of the injector it grabs more incoming air and forces it in the injector into the blower making more boost resulting in a lower E.T. and more mph. Grade 8 mounting hardware included.

Injector is drilled with five 1/8" pipe ports in the rear which some are currently plugged and others could have fuel nozzles installed into them. Racer could also plug the holes or install an air bleeds for controlling idle speed. Injector has been hydro dipped and done to look like carbon fiber. Couple spots under the injector hat restraint the coating has peeled from the Velcro attachment for the hat restraint but other wise coating looks good.

Pictures three and four show the peeled coating, double click on the image to blow it up and make sure you are ok with it before purchasing.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.