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Used RCD Hemi Angled Idler Bracket Mag. Assm. W/2.625" Idler Pulley

Used Hemi magnesium angled idler bracket assm. This bracket is made from billet mag and will give you maximum blower belt adjustment with superior strength aiding in blower belt life and helping you to get to the finish line under power.

Bracket uses a gun drilled billet .750" steel stud to hold the idler pulley and has a pistol grip support on the other side to give proper blower belt tension. Bracket fits TFX or BAE, KB, JP-1 or other Hemi aftermarket engine blocks. Idler bracket is set up for 65mm or 75mm blower belts.

Also included is a used billet magnesium small diameter 2.625" idler pulley assm. This pulley is lightweight and has double single row bearings to provide plenty of support. Pulley measures 3.20" where belt rides and is 4.00" over the top of the flanges. Pulley is used with 65mm wide blower belts and includes billet idler pulley spindles to achieve proper blower belt alignment.

If buyer does not need the idler pulley it can be removed and $100.00 will be taking off the price. Racer will still need a fastener kit and mag support bracket to make the idler bracket complete. Bracket weights four and half pounds as seen in the pictures.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.