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Used TBS Alum. Front Cover 6-71 Thru 16-71 Polished Rev. Rotation

Used TBS 6-71 thru 16-71 billet alum. blower front cover. Front cover is machined 1/8" NPT for a pressure relief valve, 1/4" NPT for oil fill sight glass which both are included with front cover. Dowel pin holes are .312".

Cover is set up for TBS six bolt blower snout, ten bolt mount to the blower case and 1.900" thick from snout surface to bearing plate surface.

Cover is in nice condition, but was set up for a reverse rotation blower so logo and pressure relief/sight glass will be upside down from what would be standard on most blowers. Cover will only fit TBS, BDS, Hampton, Littlefield, Monneyham, or Kuhl blowers. Buyer could polish logo off and swap the pressure relief and oil sight glass if wanting to use this on a standard rotation supercharger.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.