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V-Pulley Aluminum 5.00" Blower Pulley

Part No.:  1698-0001
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For the racer that wants to run an acc. off the crank with a 5.00" V-pulley and not space the crank pulley out any RBS offers this great choice. This V-pulley fits inside the bottom blower pulley and is deep enough, it sticks out just past the width of the blower pulley.

Made from billet alum. pulley is 4.50" O.D. where the belt rides, 3.625" down in the groove, 4.00" tall from mounting surface to out where V-pulley rides and 1.00" thick where pulley mounts so longer bottom pulley bolts will be needed.

Pulley has a female 2.00" register to mount off your crank hub and uses the six 3/8" mounting holes on a 2.782" bolt circle.

Great for marine, street or top dragster applications.