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Crank Support Assm. BBC Dual .250" Keyways

BBC crank support assm. This support has been designed to minimize the bending stress imposed on the snout of the crankshaft caused by harmonics and/or driving a supercharger. Few people realize just how much a crankshaft can distort during harmonics, or that supercharger belt load can be in excess of 3000 pounds when detonation occurs.

With the supercharger belt pulling the crank snout upwards, and the first two piston and rod assembles pressing downward, this area of the crankshaft is in need of some additional support. By adding a crank snout support, in essence a sixth main bearing, the vulnerable unsupported snout has less chance of bending and breaking.

Race engines, especially those prone to detonation, are the applications most in need of this support. These crankshaft snout supports feature a unique hub which is completely machined from a single piece of heat treated chromoly steel billet. This insures that the end where the bearing mounts will run true with the end of the crankshaft. The hole in the center of the hub has a wall at mid point which allows a crank bolt to be used to attach the hub solidly to the crank snout. The hub also has dual .250" keyways on both ends so that the front can be used to drive another accessory such as a oil pump or starter jaw.

The aluminum bracket and stand assembly that hold the front bearing mounts to either the front of the block or the front cover, depending on application. Kits include crank hub, mounting plates, stands, bearing, and hardware.

RBS can set up the crank support to be used with crank trigger at an additional cost if desired. Fits 396,402,427,454 and most other aftermarket big block Chevy engine combinations.

Crank supports are designed for competition use and have no provision for an altenator.