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Fuel Filter EFI Element 10 Micron System 1

As EFI fuel injection systems become more popular in racing the demand for a fuel filter designed for these type of fuel injection systems has been a must. Fear not friends System 1 has come to the party with this cleanable ten micron fuel filter element that will flow forty gallons per minute, perfect for your fire breathing twin turbo or blown monster.

It is very easy to clean in solvent or brake clean and your done, put back together give the top a snug and your done.

Filter is made from stainless steel wire screen that has been flow tested for up to forty gallons per minute. Filter is sold for alch. or gas and filter element is 2.600" in dia. and 4.375" long.

The beauty of having a filter such as this it is tuning tool that allows you to look for any kind of material that may of made it's way into the fuel tank as well as a filtering device for your engines fuel.

Alcohol should not be left in the filter housing over an extended period of time as it can gel and create corrosion inside the filter housing creating a plugged filter. Filter should never be used for oil.

For a complete filter be sure to check out #2600-0050D.

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