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KB Olds/ New Century Gear Drive Assm. Billet .250" Raised Cam

For the racer that wants to build a KB Olds/New Century, RBS is proud to bring the racers this billet .250" raised cam gear drive.

This gear drive starts off with a billet alum. cover that is machined to exact tolerances giving the motor it's best chance for accurate cam timing, strength and gear mesh.

Gear set includes a dual keyway crank gear, an idler gear that has a high speed precision ball bearing, and a cam gear that uses seven hole vernier to dial in cam timing. The gear drive includes a shim kit with thrust bearings and washers to set cam thrust. Fuel pump drive hub uses a .375" hex shaft to drive the fuel pump. All gears are made from heat treated steel.

This gear drive is set up to be used on a .250" raised cam KB Olds, or New Century engine blocks.

RBS can also supply pump extensions per the customers needs when ordering the gear drive.