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OUT OF STOCK 10/32" X 1/4" Alum. Throttle Cable End Quick Release Heavy Duty

One of the most overlooked parts on a race car has to be the throttle cable end. Many times at the races you will hear that racer just broke a throttle cable so there going to have to shut off and go back to the pits and fix it or even worst you just lost a round on what was sure to be a upcoming victory. Most of the times it is not the cable that breaks it is the little 10/32" ball stud on the injector arm that breaks.

RBS is proud to offer the racer that wants the ultimate strength without sacrificing weight this Automan H/D throttle cable end. The cable end is made from billet alum. that has had a 10/32" time-sert installed into the end that mounts the throttle cable using a stainless steel spring for quick release to get the throttle cable off between rounds making blower removal a snap.

It also includes a half nut and a Belleville washer for securely attaching the cable end to the cable and a 1/4-28" steel ball stud with Belleville washer for the linkage on your carb. or injector. This is one of those little parts that all add up to making weight on your race car that's why RBS is offering it in lightweight alum. versus steel.

Color is everyone's favorite..... Black!!!!

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