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OUT OF STOCK Fuel Hemi Head Valve Covers Stage Five

Stage Five cast aluminum Hemi fuel head valve covers. Perfect for the guy who wants to run alch. or nitro with late model Hemi fuel heads or just loves the classic look of a satin black valve cover on their iron elephant in there hot rod. These covers include spark plug tube O-rings and RBS can supply burn down breathers, valve cover gaskets, stud and nut kit or spark plug tubes if the customer needs them as well at an additional cost. These will fit AJ, BAE, Dart, Indy, KB, and Mopar Hemi heads with ten stud holes per cover but not Fat head or Muscle heads. Finish is durable black wrinkle powdercoat that will withstand gasoline, brake clean, oil and general being handled around the shop without leaving the racer with a beat up looking cover after a few races. Covers weight eight and a half pounds each as seen in the pictures.
Please note valve covers must be fitted with burn down breather or oil fill cap provision by the racer if either of those options are chosen.
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