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OUT OF STOCK Gorr Distribution Block All In One Twenty Port

For the racer that runs a screw blown fuel system with hat, dribblers and port nozzles or the racer that runs a blown nitro motor with hat injection and two sets of port nozzles this Gorr All In One distribution block is going to simply your hot rods plumbing without multiple distribution blocks and fuel feed hoses.

Distribution block is feed by one -10 line that will feed eight hat, eight dribblers and eight port. The beauty of the block is all ports are ORB so if not needing all the ports they can simply have the fitting removed and plug those holes off that are not used.

All In One block has two -8 check valves built in that can be set to a racers needs but come set out of the box at #5 and #25. All internal check valve parts are Enderle so simple to change and parts availability is never an issue.

One more great feature is this block weights less than a pound and a half, three distribution blocks, check valves and fittings will weight in over three pounds, so shave some weight off your hot rod which we know means faster times.

Block is made from billet alum. that has been anodized for corrosion protection and mounts using a simple 1/4" socket head bolt.

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