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Port Injection Nozzle Body Y Ball Check 4.00"

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Port injection just got exciting with these new ball check Y nozzle bodies that allow a racer to run two different fuel jets with one being controlled by a spring loaded ball check.

Racer can run one set of jets from the port check valve and one set off the spring loaded ball check pressure which ranges from 5 to 30 pounds to customize each cylinder.

Time to time racer has a cold or hot cylinder and this nozzle body will allow the tuner to work there magic so the motor makes balanced power between cylinders. Another use is a class where they might only allow one set of nozzles, well leave it up to the racer to run two fuel lines to feed the nozzles to put the most fuel in the engine to make the most power.

Y port body measure 4.00" overall, from where the nozzle jet screws in to the first thread 3.250", from the tip to the first thread .750". Threads on the nozzle body are 1/8" NPT and jet threads are -2 ORB. Each nozzle body includes a spring, ball, ball cup and nozzle body.

Nozzle bodies are sold individual. Racer can choose from brass or anodized alum. from drop down menu and please put ball check pressure when ordering.

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