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SOLD Racing Pistons JE

Part No.:  2600-0073A

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JE's pistons are made of 2618 aluminum alloy to withstand the presence of high-compression, supercharging and turbocharging, and nitrous oxide power-adders.

Pistons are available for Ford, GM, and Mopar power plants. If looking for a shelf piston or a one off custom piston let RBS and JE take care of your needs. Custom pistons are not a problem with a two to three week turn around time and if you hurt a piston JE will sell a piston not making the racer buy more than they need.

JE pistons website has a great compression calculator to help a racer figure out which piston will best suit there needs and there are many options for coatings and piston options as well to give the racer a winning advantage over the competition.

If interested in a price for your engine combination RBS can email over a spec sheet for the racer to fill out and get a price on the pistons for your application.