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SOLD Used FIE 44 Plus Coil Red #28944

RBS had a customer switch their ignition system from Pro Mag 44 to coil on plug ignition trading in this near perfect FIE 44 Plus coil. RBS sent it in to FIE to be tested and it was sent back with a clean bill of health ready for battle on the dirt or pavement. Either purchase for a spare if you are already enjoying the benefits of the 44 Plus coil or if you have not heard of this coil of greatness give below a read. If you need a mounting bracket be sure to check out #2500-0147.

FIE's new coil for the mag 44 not only yields MORE output, but is serviceable too! What could be better than more juice for less money in a repairable format?

MORE OUTPUT: The winding inside is our special recipe of copper wire (lots) and (big) laminations. It yields fantastic cranking spark, over 10% more voltage and more than a 10% increase in spark duration than the standard 8142 coil or the old original black version of the mag 44 coil.

Voltage is what compels a spark to jump a gap and more voltage means this coil will fire in even more difficult conditions...higher compression ratio, more boost pressure, more fuel. More spark duration means the spark will last longer (more crankshaft degrees) to more thoroughly light your mixture.

SERVICEABLE: Besides being a terrific dielectric medium to isolate every turn of copper wire, the special transformer oil inside also allows us to fix or repair the coil if anything happens to it. If ever needed, we can replace the entire winding, terminals, plastic pieces, etc. so you don't have to buy a new one. No more epoxy filled door stops!

AFFORDABLE: FIE's coil WITH the billet bracket is less initial cost than a new 8142 coil. The repairable nature serves to enhance your initial investment for years to come. These coils feature internal bolstering to prevent vibration and shake of the winding inside. We also use #10 stainless steel primary terminals and a brass high-tension output terminal on the bottom. Weight = 8 lbs. Bracket = 1.2 lbs.

Each coil comes with terminal nuts and #10 ring terminals for 10-12 GA wire. After assembly, each coil is load tested and measured for output in-house before packaging.

This coil is to be used with the MSD mag 44 only and still has to be used with a points box. NOTE: This product is NOT manufactured by MSD, LLC.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.

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