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Ultra Gel Engine/Pushrod Assm. Lube

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RBS is now offering engine assembly lubrication which is specifically formulated to provide ultra high anti-wear and anti-scuff properties during an engines critical break-in period.

The superior clinging action keeps parts protected longer without early run off or wipe off. Completely oil compatible formula assures suspension of special lubrication in oil for extended protection. The gel formula means no clogging of filters or oil passages.

Perfect for the tip of pushrods during initial start up.


Do not use this product on roller rocker tip. Lube/Paste often prevents oil from reaching and cooling the critical areas. Use low viscosity oil to prime rocker arm rollers and pin.

Do not use anti seize of any kind on pushrod tips and adjusting screws. Anti seize contains soft metal particles that turn abrasive at high temperature and does not allow the engine oil to coat the friction points properly.

Racer can pick three or eight ounce container from drop down menu.

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