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426 Hemi Street/Competition Blower Manifold

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426 Hemi street/competition alum. blower manifold. This blower manifold accepts a 6-71 thru 16-71 supercharger. This manifold fits all Hemi motors with the standard deck height sixteen bolt head configuration. The assm. includes blower stud kit, blower gasket, and pop off valve assm. in case of an over boost situation. The manifold is 4.10" tall and features a tented floor to provide better fuel distribution into the ports of the cylinder heads. Manifold is sold in satin or polished finish. Pictures are of a polished intake. Important note this manifold ports are 1.840" wide, 1.870" tall and center to center of mount holes on the cylinder heads are 2.50" so be sure to check cylinder heads before ordering.