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Hemi Flex Plate True Billet Steel 168 Tooth

Part No.:  2050-0112M
For the racer that is looking for top quality and reliability these Meziere True Billet Hemi flexplates are clearly the superior choice for quality and precision. They are machined to from 4340 round bar and use the industry standard 168 tooth count so firing up your hot rod is never a problem. Meziere's proprietary manufacturing process ensures the strongest gear tooth which has been chamfered for easier starter gear engagement, least amount of runout, and best longevity on the market. All of their flexplates are certified to SFI 29.1 and are gold cad plated for corrosion protection. Flex plate uses industry standard eight 1/2" bolts to attach to the crankshaft and RBS can supply a bolt kit at an additional cost #2050-0112O. Flexplate weights eight and a half pounds and has six 2.50" weight reduction holes machined into the flexplate to help keep rotating weight down.