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Bottom End Diver Pan

Part No.:  2700-0031
Made from durable steel this diver tray features a perforated top tray that allows the bottom end guy a place to set his tools and rod or main caps with hot 70 weight dripping off them allowing the oil to drip down into the second tray catching the oil and making for a quick and easy clean up after the bottom end has been serviced. Tray measures thirty two inch by eighteen inch and is one inch deep and the perforated tray sits down in three quarters of an inch allowing some room for the oil that drips down thru the top tray a place to go. Bottom tray has two cut outs for your hands to fit into so carrying the tray over to the oil drain will be a easier task and makes a easy way to pop the two trays apart. This bottom end diver tray is something that your motor guy will love and will help keep your pit neat and tidy as you no longer will have to have oily dirty scrap carpet or cardboard laying under your hot rod with the addition of this tray. TOOLS AND MAIN CAPS ARE FOR PICTURE PURPOSES ONLY.