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392/417 Blower Manifold Satin Assm. Cragar (MAGNESUIM)

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392/417 Chrysler Cragar satin blower manifold assm. This manifold is made from cast magnesium and includes mounting hardware with a pop off relief valve in case of supercharger backfire.

Manifold is sold in satin finish with a coating of Dow-7 for that period perfect look. Height from deck surface to blower surface is 3.00". Manifold allows the use of a 6-71 thru 14-71 blower but any blower bigger than a 8-71 must be measured on the bottom opening and not exceed 13.00" on the bottom opening. Manifold is light and weights in at thirteen pounds with spring loaded alum. pop off valve mounted on it.

Manifold can be ordered with port nozzle provisions for an additional $125.00 from drop down menu.