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BBC Copper Head Gasket Set Titan 4.155"- 4.440"

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RBS carries a large supply of soft copper head gaskets to fit most racers needs. Gaskets are sold in pairs and racer can choose from drop down menu for bore size and thickness to fit their application.

With SCE's built-in oil and coolant seals, patented SCE Titan copper self-sealing head gaskets require no additional sealants. That means that you get user-friendly installation, combined with reliable fluid sealing, plus the unbeatable strength of solid copper gaskets.

The fluid seals are bonded to both sides of the gaskets and cleverly offset to allow the annealed copper of the gaskets to deform around them for a better seal, especially in the O-ring combustion-seal area.

Recommended for liquid-cooled racing engines with O-rings in the heads or block, these one-of-a-kind copper head gaskets can even be used on street machines with no worries about coolant leaks!!!! For perfect sealing strength every time, introduce your engine to SCE Titan copper head gaskets.