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Blower Drive Shaft 1.250" 48 Fine Spline Long

Part No.:  1400-0047L
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Roots long blower snout drive shaft. Blower drive shaft is made from heat treated chromoly steel that has been gundrilled down the center to lighten up the weight of the shaft.

Shaft measure 1.250" and is 48 tooth fine spline. Fits most all Littlefield, Blower Shop, Kuhl, Mooneyham and Hampton blower snouts. From snap ring groove to end of splines is 3.115". This shaft is typically used in the 8.625" blower snout but can be used in blower snouts where a racer is running a retro fit roots blower and doesn't want to use a coupler spacer between the snout coupler and gear. Finish is black oxide.