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Blower Snout Belt Guard Mount Clamp TC

Part No.:  2025-0009C
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Here is the a solution to a problem when you are trying to do a set back roots blower on your race engine. It is a blower snout clamp that allows the customer to make a support to support their long blower snout and gives a place to mount the blower belt guard which RBS can supply if the customer needs as well as the support rods.

It is made by TC Machine from billet alum. and anodized black or polished finish. This clamp is designed to fit a 3.430" diameter snout. If using a different diameter snout a clamp must be made to fit the racers application which can be done and typically takes two to three weeks to make once ordered.

If possible try to measure the diameter of the snout housing that you have with a pair of dial calipers. This clamp works with all TC Machine snout mounted blower belt guards.

Racer can choose from polished or anodized finish from the drop down menu.