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Clear View 6.00" Oil Filter Assm. w/Screw-on Filter Provision

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This filter was designed for tractor pulling and other motor sports ran on dirt. The oil first flows thru the see through filter in which the filter element traps all the larger particles with can be viewed and inspected, while the microscopic particles flow into the disposable filter or a System 1 billet HP-6 replacement with the large 1 1/2"-12 thread. Other disposable filters that can be used Fram # HP-6A, K&N #HP-5001, or WIX #51222R disposable oil filter, which are not included.

See through oil filter allows the racer to visually see the oil pumping through the filter with the special poly carbonate sight glass, which helps to quickly determine the condition of the oil and the engine. When oil is not being pumped through the filter by the engine, the oil filter can be quickly drained using an air chuck on the side of the filter housing with compressed air. Apply a small shot of air to the air fitting on the side of the inlet opening and the oil will empty out of the filter assembly in seconds exposing the filter element and filtered particles, even when filtering non transparent fluids like dirty engine oil. This allows the user to visually see any particles and contaminants that were filtered out of the oil system, which will help to determine if the contaminants and particles are from normal use or from bearings and other components excessively wearing in the engine.

Filter assemblies are designed to filter all types of oil and fluid for different applications. including racing, marine, automotive, farm, and industrial. Filter assemblies are designed for fluid systems with a maximum working pressure of 150 PSI and a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Filter housing is made from billet alum. , all mating surfaces are designed for an O-ring for a superior seal with no gaskets, In and Out ports are -12 ORB, 1/8" pipe provision for an oil pressure outlet and simple to take apart and clean with four 3/8" fasteners to hold the housing together.

Filter includes a mounting bracket that has two 3/8-16" bolt holes to mount on a flat surface. This filter is set up with a 115 micron screen for a racer running over fifty weight oil.

Dimensions: (without screw-on filter) 6.750" wide x 7.750" long x 3.250" tall and weight 5.7 lbs.

Racer can now choose from natural or black anodized for color from the drop down menu.