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Enderle Offset Front Mag/Fuel Pump Drive

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RBS is proud to bring the racers Enderle's new version of the dual fuel pump drive with a wider space between the fuel pump and magneto so that MSD or Mallory generators will fit next to just about any fuel pump with no problems or modifications. This is the tried and true gear to gear setup that offers the racer a drive that will have no belt issues.

The drives gear box is machined from billet alum. and is designed with a filler plug so a racer can add a few ounces of oil to give the gears long life and with high speed bearings and seals on the billet heat treated steel driveshaft's that have been centerless ground with an O-ring between the two case halves so the racer has no worries on oil leaks from the drive. There is also a drain plug if the racer chooses to change the oil during the season while mounted on the car.

This gearbox unit is intended to mount to the motor on a cam cover or on the end of a fuel pump extension and be driven with a 3/8" female hex shaft either off the pump extension or off the cam hub. The racer can mount the gear box bolted on by drilling the tapped holes in the fuel pump extension for clearance so that bolts can come in from the back side to mount the gearbox to the extension or an optional quick-release wafer #2500-0007I can be bolted to the back of the gear box and it will mount up to a standard band clamp type pump extension.

If a racer wants to bolt there fuel pump to the gear box it is set up for that but if they want to mount the fuel pump using a quick release clamp they will need to purchase #2500-0007H and bolt it to the mag/fuel pump drive allowing the racer to use a clamp for quick removal of the fuel pump.

The offset/fuel pump drive measures 1.950" thick and will move the mag generator out an additional 1.875". Both the fuel pump and mag will rotate counter clockwise using this mag/fuel pump drive. If you are using an Enderle fuel pump that is a easy switch for the racer and RBS will be happy to walk you thru if you need help. The generator will most likely have to be sent in for rotation switch.

To make a complete drive the racer will need to order #2500-0007E main gear box and #2500-0007G mag driver assm. The optional wafer plates for quick release are above in the description. The picture of the offset drive with the generator and fuel pump mount on it is to give the racer an idea of what the assm. looks like bolted together. The drive as seen in the picture with acc. drives mounted to it weights close to six pounds.

Please specify if you are going to run a Rage or Waterman pump with the quick release flange already built into the pump so the proper shaft can be installed in the mag drive. Female pump drive hexs in the gear box are only available in .375". Center to center is 5.50". Use the pull down menu to pick which options will suite you best.