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Flow Meter Fitting Automan

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RBS has found this fitting makes life easy for the racer that wants to run one AN line from the barrel valve to the computer flow meter and then split to two AN lines to run fuel to the hat and to the ports.

RBS can also supply many other fitting choices to make any combination that the racer may desire. Note the fitting in the picture is sold as the Y fitting only the other fittings are sold separately. Fitting is made from billet alum. and is black anodized to provide wear resistance and is as light as some competitors magnesium fitting.

Fittings are available in -12 to two -10, -10 to two -8, -8 to two -8, -10 to -10. Please specify which combo when ordering.

Price is based off fitting size. Fittings are AN female ORB ports.

Racer can choose fitting size from drop down menu.