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Used Holley Gasoline Carburetor Jet Kit #36-181

This Holley gasoline carburetor jet assortment kits is just the ticket to track-tune your Holley carburetor for top power making performance. The jet kit consists of two each of thirty six standard length jets, ranging from size #64 to #99. The jets are contained in a plastic case that is designed to keep them separated and make them easily accessible. There are four #75, #78, #80 jets and there is no #76, #77, #85 jets but all the rest there are two of each. Also included is two bowl plugs. Jet threads are 1/4-32 in. and will work with most all gasoline Holley carburetors but these will not work with alcohol carburetors. Seventy four jets are in the kit.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.