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Mag Pull Switch Single

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Automan's single magneto pull switch gets rid of the alligator clip disaster which can be the cause of injury or motor damage if one of the clips slips off. Pull switch uses ‘banana plugs’ which are rated for 1000 volts.

The housing and cover are machined from black dielectric nylon. 10ga MTW wire is used for its flexibility and insulation properties. Top quality non-insulated ring terminal ends are used and supplied. Red / black 24" wire leads are supplied for the fit, then cut excess off and install the #10 terminals to attach to the coil post connections. Gold plated banana plugs have a #10 solid crossover jumper to insure a proper connection.

A knotted lanyard is added to keep your fingers away from the connections, and to assist in ‘pulling’ the plug to start the engine. Comes with stainless truss head screws, washers and nuts for mounting in your place of choice. RBS carries the grounding key, always nice to have an extra one in your trailer.