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RCD Hemi Alum. Angeled Idler Bracket

Part No.:  1500-0040
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This idler bracket runs parallel to the cylinder head on a Hemi race engine allowing the maximum blower belt adjustment for a blown Hemi race engine.

Made from billet .750" alum. with a 1" T-nut slot it is made to be used with an outboard brace support but can be used without one if the racer chooses. Bracket is also drilled and tapped for a jackscrew to help set blower belt tension as well as a adjustment spot on the bracket to make sure it is kept flat to the front of the block by attaching a fastener thru the idler bracket into the engine block.

Fits all KB, Mopar, BAE,TFX, JP-1, Indy and most other alum. race engine blocks.

RBS can quote up a complete bracket if the racer chooses there is many options so let one of the RBS staff help you with your specific application if you are looking to buy a complete bracket.