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SBC Competiton Idler Bracket Assm. BDS

Idler bracket is made from billet alum., is .750" thick to provide superior strength with lightning pockets machined in it to offer weight reduction for your racing application. It mounts off the water pump holes and is meant to be used for competition use.

Includes heat treated steel T-nut, ported water blocks that are tapped -8 for cooling if a racer is running water, heat treated cad plated grade eight bolts to mount the bracket and idler pulley.

Fits 283, 327, 350, 383, 400 and most other aftermarket SBC engine blocks. Uses .750" T-nut slot and has a 6.750" adjustment slot for blower belt tensioning.

All alum. parts are polished to give your hot rod that bling on the front of the engine.