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SOLD Used Polished BDS 10-71 Stage Four Alch.

So here is a great deal for someone looking for a like new 10-71 blower. Blower was ordered and when shipped it was dropped so the case on the snout side received some damage which led to customer cancelling there order. The damage is minimal and can be seen in picture five and six, double click the pictures to blow them up and give a good look. RBS cleaned up the damage and once mounted on the blower manifold it most likely will not even be noticeable. RBS inspected everything else on the charger and it is perfect. Save over $500.00 dollars for a small scuff. 

BDS 10-71 polished billet alum. competition alch. blower. Rotors are billet alum. sixty degree that are hard anodized for a long lasting durable supercharger with tighter inside tolerances creating a more efficient supercharger. The blower uses double lipped Teflon seals to provide superior seal on the rotor shafts with hi-speed double row ball bearings and straight tooth steel gears to keep the rotors in time.

Billet alum. rear bearing plate, front bearing plate, and billet front gear cover offer maximum strength and gives a superior polish. Injectors with a 13.250" on center bolt pattern can bolt to the top of the blower as well as 4150/4500 carburetor adapters.

Top opening on the blower case is 13.125" x 4.250" and the bottom opening is 12.250" x 4.125". Front cover has a pressure relief and a oil sight glass installed.

Stage 4 has strips of Teflon added to the sides and tips of the rotors to seal the rotors to one another so once boost is put into the intake the side Teflon strips stop the air from trying to leak back up thru the supercharger keeping the boost down in the intake and more power being made. Recommended for alcohol or nitro use only.

Note: This is a used item.  This item might have been taken in on a trade. RBS may have inspected this item and deemed re-usable. There is no warranty expressed or implied with this item.